Problems with fuel that contains ethanol, does not have long storage life, needs a fuel stabilizer to prolong the life of fuel before it does damage to the fuel system, most older vehicles cars,planes,motorcycles,boats are not assembled with rubber and plastic parts that can be used with ethanol, this causes a deterioration and early decay to the parts creating leaks and clogging of fuel system parts. Luckily the newer vehicles have efi or fuel injection and have done away with carburetors.   The efi systems can handle the E10/E15 Ethanol fuels that are present in most gasoline sold today. Saying that this produces a cleaner emissions, But in return it lowers cost of fuel which takes more of it to go the same distance, so are we saving money by being force to use this, and are we producing cleaner emissions if it takes more fuel to go the same distance. IF your are driving a older vehicle with a carburetor on it (do not let it sit for long periods of time as this fuel does change with age and will create all kinds of problems. winter is coming so for motorcycle and boats owners not going to ride their vehicles use a fuel stabilizer or drain fuel system completely  and use a engine fogger to lubricate the insides and protect it during these long periods of not being used. i would do this if it is not going to be run in 60 days or more. I recommend to run it at least every 14 days and not just to start and let idle, ride it for 15 minutes or more to move the fresh fuel that is in the tank, (it usually stays fresher then the fuel in the following part of the fuel system) to get it in the carb and all the lines. (I am not a english major so I must apologize for any punctuation or spelling that is not correct I use what resources I had to try to make as good as possible) 
motorcycle batteries and charging systems extreme heat and cold can make a good battery bad specially if the battery is a few years old or older, also a week or bad charging system can cause a battery to go bad, so before you buy a new battery have yours checked, the battery needs to have a full charge on it for the testing to be accurate, also have the bikes charging system checked, we have so many customer come and buy a battery and come back a week later saying that the battery we sold them is no good, but we test it and it test as being good, so our battery company will not waranty a good battery unless we can say for sure nothing else is causing battery problem, so we request to test the customers charging system for free, if customer want us to warrenty the battery,. if charging system checks good we warrenty battery, if charging system checks bad we request customer to fix charging system by us or someone else than if battery is still giving problems we  will warrenty but it does not make sense to keep replacing a battery if something else is causing the battery problem. Batteries can cause many problems from not starting to running bad going down the road, i have also seen batteries be so bad the charging system will not work correctly with the bad battery hooked up, so we may also use a jump battery of equal amps to test charging system if battery is suspected of causing charging problems. hope this info is helpful being batteries and charging systems can be a major problem when they go bad. 

Hot weather is not good on motorcycles. This summer heat can cause major problems with your motorcycle, it can overheat, overcharge, undercharge, or just not run right. you need to have your battery and charging system checked to make sure your bike is run charging right, if it is not charging or battery is going bad this can cause overheating problems i within charging system and can take out some expensive electrical parts, so get them checked if you suspect any problems, also now it is important to keep your bike serviced overheated and bad oil can ruin a engine, dry dusted air is making air filters dirty they need to be cleaned, this hot summer with unexpected rain you need to make sure your tires are not worn out, time for a service 10 percent off month of july on service parts, also check inspection if tags are getting close to renewing you will need a current inspection in NC before you can get your tags. we are a motorcycle inspection stations. (same day service by appointment only) 
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